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Please note that any use of the information or materials provided on this Website is undertaken entirely at your own risk. Find My Holidays shall not be liable for any consequences arising from such use. It is your responsibility to ensure that any products, services, or information obtained through this Website meet your specific requirements.

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As a travel company that engages with millions of readers in India and across the globe, we acknowledge the accountability and influence we wield. At Find My Holidays, we are committed to conducting our business activities in a lawful and ethical manner, ingrained with integrity and equity in all our endeavors. Our interactions are driven by utmost respect, reflecting our core values and unwavering dedication to excellence. Upholding legality and ethics not only benefits our employees, partners, and the world we inhabit, but also serves as a catalyst for thriving business operations.

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Once your booking is confirmed, these Terms and Conditions will come into effect as soon as Find My Holidays receives the deposit from you and sends you a written confirmation. To confirm the booking, you must be 18 years or older and agree to provide Find My Holidays with accurate and complete information requested for the booking process. If there are multiple clients named and booked on the tour, the person confirming the booking assures Find My Holidays that they possess the necessary authority and consent from the other clients involved. They have obtained all the necessary permissions and authorities to make a booking on behalf of all other clients mentioned in the booking. They have also shared all the required information with the other clients, enabling them to provide their consent freely and with complete awareness. The information they have provided about all the clients is comprehensive and accurate. Additionally, they have received all the consents and permissions needed to share this information with Find My Holidays in order to finalize the booking.


  • Online Card Payments

    Payments made with Visa, Mastercard, and American Express cards are securely processed via our online payment gateway system. Rest assured, your card information remains confidential as your bank directly authorizes the transaction without any data passing through us. Within approximately 25-30 seconds (depending on your internet connection), the online payment gateway will promptly deliver an authorization code and confirmation of the transaction's completion from your bank.

    "Find My Holidays, a Verisign Certified Site, employs state-of-the-art 128-bit encryption technology and innovative measures to safeguard your credit card details. Our website utilizes SSL encryption, the industry standard for secure online transactions. Rest assured, conducting credit card transactions on Find My Holidays is even more secure than using your card at a restaurant as we do not retain your card information. We prioritize your privacy, safety, and security, providing the highest standards of internet security available. Book your tour with confidence knowing that Find My Holidays ensures a private, safe, and secure shopping experience."

    Please note: If the payment on your credit card is declined for any reason, it is necessary to provide Find My Holidays with alternate payment instructions at least 72 hours before your scheduled departure. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of your order.

    Find My Holidays applies a service fee to all domestic airlines and on hotel reservations which is non-refundable in the event of a booking cancellation.

  • Internet Banking

    If you are not convenient to make payment for your order by the payment gateway available on Find My Holidays website. You are free to make payment through the net banking options provided by your respective bank. The payment amount will be automatically deducted from your account. At Find My, we utilize a secure online gateway system to process payments, ensuring a safe and protected transaction environment.

  • Find My Holidays Bank Account Details

    Name: Find My Holidays
    A/C No.: 0303102000018470
    Bank Name: IDBI Bank
    IFSC Code: IBKL0000303
    Swift Code: IBKLINBBXXX


Before acting on any information found on the Website, it is advised to wait for a confirmation regarding your transaction. In the event that confirmations are sent via email, if you do not receive a confirmation within the designated time frame, please ensure to check your "spam" or "junk" folder to ascertain that it has not been filtered incorrectly. If still not located, we kindly request you to reach out to our call centre for further assistance.


International customers have the flexibility to make their payments using a variety of methods.

  • By Online Credit Card Payment (American Express / Visa / Master Card / Discover / Diners Club).
  • By Online Debit Card Payment (by Master / Visa / Maestro).
  • By Offline Credit Card Payment (American Express / Visa / Master Card / Discover / Diners Club).
  • By Bank / Telex Transfer to our Bank A/c.

Please Note:

  • If you choose to pay with a credit or debit card, there will be an additional 3% bank charge added to the total amount.
  • In order to keep things seamless and hassle-free, we kindly request that all payments be made without any withholding tax or deductions. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in ensuring a smooth payment process.

Special Note: Please note that Find My Holidays employee or agent will not ask for your Card Number, CVV, Net Banking login, Password, OTP etc. Nor will they ask you to transfer funds to a personal account or to install third party apps like Any Desk, TeamViewer etc. Please do not act on such request. Report such incidents on


It is your responsibility to furnish precise, prompt, and comprehensive information while registering for and utilizing the site. Find My Holidays shall not be held accountable for any claims originated from inaccurate, delayed, or incomplete information provided by you.

Find My Holidays assures that your information will be handled in line with our privacy policy. We are committed to safeguarding your personal data, and while we make every effort to protect it, we cannot be held responsible for any potential harm that may occur if information is shared with third parties. By using our services, you agree to hold Find My Holidays harmless from any damages that may arise.

Find My Holidays employs a trusted third-party service to handle the processing of your credit card details. Hence, we do not have any access to your credit card information. Should you require additional information, kindly reach out to the credit card processing company associated with Find My Holidays at


Find My Holidays maintains the authority to modify this agreement periodically. You will be duly informed regarding any significant or substantial alterations made to this Agreement or any policies published on the Site through postings on the Site.

Departures & Cancellation of a Tour by: Find My Holidays

At Find My Holidays, we promise that all FIT or group tours booked by our clients will depart as scheduled (with reasonable itinerary adjustments, if needed). Please note that the tour information and departure dates mentioned in brochures and printed materials may change, and this guarantee does not cover those dates. Once we have at least one confirmed booking from a client, a departure becomes guaranteed. However, please understand that this guarantee does not apply in cases of Force Majeure.

"If, for any reason not caused by Force Majeure or the fault or negligence of the client, Find My Holidays cancels a tour before the agreed departure date, we value your satisfaction and offer you the following options:

  • You can choose a substitute tour of equal or higher value, provided that a suitable alternative is reasonably available.
  • If there is no substitute tour of equal or higher value, you can opt for a tour of lower value and we will refund you the price difference between the original tour and the substitute tour.
  • Alternatively, you have the choice to receive a full refund for the cancelled tour, with no deductions.

We always strive to ensure your travel experience is exceptional, and we apologize for any inconvenience caused by the cancellation. Please let us know your preferred option so that we can assist you accordingly."

Find My Holidays will not be held responsible for any extra costs or unfortunate losses you may face due to a canceled booking. These costs could include things like visa expenses, non-refundable flights or train tickets, non-refundable car parking fees, or any other fees associated with your trip. We also understand that you may experience a loss of earnings or miss out on the enjoyment of your trip, and we deeply regret any inconvenience caused.

However, we want to assure you that we always strive to find the best solution for our clients. In certain cases, we may decide to offer you a complete refund instead of the aforementioned choices. This decision will be made at our discretion, keeping your best interests in mind.

If, during your trip, any significant part of the tour cannot be provided as described, please be assured that we will make every effort to arrange suitable alternative options for you to continue your tour smoothly. In the rare event that we are unable to find a satisfactory alternative or you reasonably decline any suitable alternatives, we will gladly refund you for any unused portions of your tour or tour products. At Find My Holidays, your satisfaction and well-being are our top priorities. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and assure you of our commitment to making your travel experience enjoyable and hassle-free.


  • Check-In Timings: 12:00 – 15:00 Hours.

    Please note that early check-in is based on availability. If you would like to ensure an early arrival, we recommend making a reservation starting from the night before. We want to make your stay as comfortable as possible!

  • Check-Out Timings: 10:00 – 12:00 Hours

    Late check-outs can be arranged upon request, but availability is subject to payment and availability.


Important Notice: Kindly take note that the expenses incurred from any additional usage of our vehicles (including cars or coaches with drivers) are not covered within the provided services. Therefore, we regret to inform you that utilizing the vehicle beyond the transfer or sightseeing duration is not permitted.


If, due to circumstances completely beyond your control, you are unable to proceed with your booked tour, you may have the option to transfer your reservation to someone who meets all the tour requirements. Just make sure to notify Find My Holidays at least 14 days before the scheduled departure date. In case this transfer is arranged, both the person transferring the booking and the transferee will be responsible for the tour payment and any additional costs resulting from the transfer. This is to ensure fairness and smooth arrangements for everyone involved.

If you've booked a private tour with Find My Holidays but need to change your plans, no worries! We are happy to help you reschedule your tour to a later date. However, please keep in mind that there might be some costs involved. According to our cancellation policy, you'll be responsible for paying any cancellation fees. Additionally, if there are any unexpected expenses that come up until you are able to take the tour on the new date, such as accommodation, transportation, fuel, taxes, or fees charged by third-party suppliers, you'll need to cover those as well. These costs can be influenced by factors like currency fluctuations, park fees, tax increases, or government actions that impact the tour price. We just want to make sure you're aware of these possibilities. Please let us know if you have any questions or need further assistance!

The cancellation fees are based on the date we receive your cancellation request at Find My Holidays. They are stated below as a percentage of the total amount you paid for the tour you're cancelling:

  • 60 days & prior to arrival – 15% of the tour/service cost.
  • 30 days & prior to arrival – 25% of the tour/service cost.
  • 30 days to 15 days prior to arrival – 50% of the tour/service cost.
  • 14 days to 8 days prior to arrival – 75% of the tour/service cost.
  • 07 days & less, prior to arrival or no show – NO REFUND.


By booking a tour with Find My Holidays, you, our valued client, understand that adventure travel, especially in India, requires a great deal of flexibility. You also acknowledge that we may need to make reasonable alterations to your tour and/or itinerary. We want you to be aware that the route, schedules, timings, accommodations, itineraries, amenities, and mode of transport mentioned may be subject to change without prior notice. This could happen due to various circumstances or events, such as sickness or mechanical issues, incidents in the tour location, flight cancellations, strikes, political disputes, entry or border difficulties, extreme weather, or any other unpredictable situations beyond our control. Please know that we will always strive to provide you with the best experience possible. However, if unforeseeable circumstances arise, we kindly ask for your understanding and assure you that Find My Holidays is not responsible or liable for any such changes or amendments that may occur.

"Find My Holidays will not be responsible for any discounts or refunds for services that were missed or unused by the client, if it is not the fault of Find My Holidays, its suppliers, or representatives. This includes situations where the client's participation in the tour is terminated due to their own fault, negligence, or breach of our Terms and Conditions. While we will do our best to ensure that your booked tour goes according to plan, we cannot guarantee that we will always follow the agreed itinerary. We reserve the right to make changes to the itinerary if necessary or beneficial. We will try to inform you of any changes before the tour starts, but we are not obligated to do so and will not be liable for any refunds resulting from such changes. Please note that we have limited control over the management of the accommodations we use on our tours. Therefore, in certain situations, there may be limitations or variations beyond our influence.

Cancellation Policy for Wildlife Safaris in Indian National Parks

Please be aware that once a wildlife safari is booked in any of the Indian Wildlife National Parks or sanctuaries, it becomes non-refundable. We regret to inform you that any request for a date change will be treated as a cancellation; therefore, no payment will be refunded or adjusted in such cases. We kindly request your understanding regarding this policy.

  • 30 days & prior to arrival – 25% of the wildlife safari/service cost.
  • 30 days to 15 days prior to arrival – 50% of the wildlife safari/service cost.
  • 14 days to 8 days prior to arrival – 75% of the wildlife safari/service cost.
  • 07 days & less, prior to arrival or no show – NO REFUND.


When it comes to getting a refund for services that you paid for but didn't use or cancel ahead of time, we will calculate the refund based on our cancellation policy mentioned earlier. The money will then be refunded to the person who made the payment. Keep in mind that it may take 2-4 weeks for the refund to be processed due to banking procedures. If the refund is credited to your credit card or bank account, the bank charges will be deducted from the refund amount.


To ensure a smooth and hassle-free booking process, we kindly request all our esteemed guests (whether you're from a different country, an NRI, or an Indian national) to provide us with a valid Photo ID at the time of confirming your reservation. Helping us with this simple step will greatly assist us in personalizing your stay.

For the convenience of all our guests, we have compiled a list of the required documents according to each category:

  • Foreign Nationals: Your passport will serve as the perfect identification document to present during the booking confirmation.
  • NRI's (Non-Resident Indians): Kindly provide us with either your passport or Overseas Citizen of India (OCI / PIO) card as a proof of your identity to proceed with the booking.
  • Indian Nationals: For our fellow Indian guests, we kindly request you to present any one of the following documents: Aadhaar Card, Voter ID, Driving License, or Passport. Any of these would work splendidly!

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter. Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly staff. We eagerly await your arrival and hope to provide you with an exceptional stay!


The client understands that our tour products are full of adventures that may carry some risks to their health and safety. It's important to note that adventure travel naturally involves certain hazards. However, rest assured that we have taken all precautions to minimize such risks. By confirming their booking, the client affirms that they have carefully considered these potential health and safety risks and are fully willing to embrace them to the extent permitted by law. We appreciate your enthusiasm for our tour!

By embarking on this journey, the client willingly accepts any potential risks that may occur. In doing so, the client releases Find My Holidays from any responsibility for any claims or legal actions arising from losses, damages, injuries, or even death resulting from these inherent risks associated with travel. This includes activities like adventure travel, exploring wild and remote areas, and taking part in adventurous activities mentioned in our tour itineraries. Nevertheless, our team will always prioritize your safety throughout the entire experience.

Please keep in mind that hygiene, accommodation, and transportation standards in certain areas where the tours take place might be lower when compared to what you'd usually expect in your home country or region. We want you to be aware that the level of personal risk involved can vary depending on the type of tour or the location(s) you choose. If your tour involves physical activities, travel to remote areas, high altitude activities, high-risk activities, or exploring under-developed parts of India, there may be a significant level of personal risk associated. We just want to ensure you're fully informed before proceeding with your travel plans.

The client understands and recognizes that traveling may involve risks, dangers, and challenges. However, they also acknowledge their personal abilities and needs, and willingly take on these risks. At Find My Holidays, we strive to offer our best assistance by providing information and guidance regarding local customs, weather conditions, safety concerns, physical challenges, and laws in the areas where our tours operate. Nevertheless, it's important to note that if the client doesn't follow the provided information, Find My Holidays cannot be held responsible for any outcomes.

The customer is required to adhere to all applicable rules and regulations of India and the areas they visit during the tour in question at all times. If the customer disregards the aforementioned, violates any laws while on the tour, or if Find My Holidays (behaving reasonably) believes that the customer's actions are creating or are likely to cause danger, distress, or material irritation to others,

"If needed, Find My Holidays may cancel a client's travel plans on any tour without any fault on our part. In such cases, the client will not receive a refund for any unused or missed services or costs arising from the cancellation, such as return travel, accommodations, meals, and incidentals. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused."

Clients acknowledge that they are responsible for covering any expenses resulting from damage, theft, excessive cleaning fees, or any other mishaps caused by them during their tour with Find My Holidays. We kindly request clients to promptly inform the staff of their accommodation, transportation service, or facility of any existing damage they notice, and to notify a representative from Find My Holidays as soon as possible. It is crucial for clients to prioritize their own safety throughout the duration of their Find My Holidays tour. This includes utilizing safety equipment like seat belts, harnesses, and helmets properly, as well as following all posted signs and warnings regarding health and safety. In case clients fail to adhere to our safety instructions or recommendations, Find My Holidays and our third-party suppliers cannot be held responsible. Let's keep your tour safe and enjoyable together!


Please notify Find My Holidays right away if you have any grievances about your tour. We want to make sure we have the chance to address them properly. You can let our head person/manager or any designated representative from Find My Holidays know as soon as possible. It is important to note that if a complaint is not brought to our attention with sufficient notice, we cannot be held responsible. We will do our best to resolve any issues, but we kindly request that you submit any complaints in writing within 30 days of the tour's completion. Your feedback is valuable to us!


Please ensure that you truthfully share all relevant medical information with Find My Holidays when booking your tour. It's important for you to assess your own suitability and capability to participate in our tours. We strongly recommend consulting your physician about your fitness for the specific tour you have booked. It is also advisable to seek your physician's advice regarding vaccinations, medical precautions, or any other medical concerns related to your entire travel experience with Find My Holidays. Please note that Find My Holidays does not provide medical advice. Our adventure tours take you to remote or less developed regions of Tanzania, where medical facilities may not be up to the standards of your home country. The quality of medical facilities in these areas may differ, but rest assured that Find My Holidays cannot make any guarantees or assurances regarding their standards or the medical care available in those regions.


"At Find My Holidays, we don't provide any travel insurance, so it's important for our clients to get it from their home country. We recommend choosing insurance that includes minimum recommended medical, evacuation, and repatriation coverage for all the dates of your travel with us. This insurance should also cover any personal injury and emergency medical expenses. We strongly suggest extending your coverage to include cancellation and other expenses that could arise from loss, damage, injury, delay, or inconvenience during your trip.

Please note that the cost of the tour doesn't include any insurance coverage for you. Therefore, it's necessary for you to obtain separate coverage at an additional cost. When getting travel insurance, make sure to inform the insurer about the type of travel you'll be undertaking, so they can adequately cover the applicable tour. Happy travels!"


Find My Holidays is here to make your travel experience as smooth as possible. However, please note that we cannot be held responsible for any unfortunate incidents that may occur during your trip. This includes any damages, expenses, losses, or claims that are caused by a client, unforeseeable circumstances, or the actions of unrelated third parties who are not associated with the services provided as part of your tour. We also cannot be held liable for any loss, theft, or damage to your baggage or personal belongings while you are on one of our tours. Our priority is your safety and enjoyment, so please take necessary precautions and trust that we'll do our best to ensure a fabulous holiday for you.

Please remember to always keep an eye on your personal belongings. It's important not to leave them unattended in public areas, on any form of transportation, or anywhere else. You are responsible for taking care of your own belongings throughout your trip. At Find My Holidays, we want to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable experience. However, we cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to your valuable items or other articles left in hotels, home-stays, vehicles, or any other facilities we provide. If any unfortunate incident occurs due to our negligence or the negligence of our third-party service providers, our liability is limited as stated in the applicable International Conventions. Your safety and happiness during your holiday are our top priorities!


Find My Holidays will not be responsible in any way if anything unfortunate happens during your holiday.  This includes cases of death, injury, illness, damage, delays, or any other losses or inconveniences to personal belongings or finances, whether directly or indirectly incurred. It's important to note that Find My Holidays will not be liable if any of these situations are caused by factors beyond our control. These factors include but are not limited to Acts of God, war or war-like activities, mechanical failures, terrorist acts or threats, civil unrest, labor disputes, government interventions, political disturbances, riots, natural disasters, or any unforeseeable events that are outside our reasonable control. We always strive to ensure the best services and take utmost care, but sometimes circumstances arise that are simply beyond our anticipation or control.


Find My Holidays has the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions whenever necessary. We will always inform you about any updates by posting the modified Terms and Conditions on our website. These changes will become effective 10 days after being posted. If you wish, you can always find the latest version of our Terms and Conditions on our website, or we can send it to you upon request. Please note that by using our services, you are automatically agreeing to any amendments made after the 10-day period. To stay informed about the most recent version of our Terms and Conditions, we recommend checking them out before your travel plans.